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  • Welcome to Campfire, From Here 2 Timbuktu's online and on-the-road travel network for roads less travelled.

    We are nomads, a community of travellers and guides building a Campfire and discussing travel.
    Nomads bring to Campfire offerings, stories and dreams.
    Around the Campfire we plan and organise tomorrow's travels.

    Today From Here 2 Timbuktu is lighting the Campfire kindling and blowing on the first flickering flames. We need to invest breath and small wood to catch the flames. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ABOVE.

    Once some small wood is gathered, From Here 2 Timbuktu can venture out further afield to find big wood to bring back to sustain the fire. Please contribute your small wood today so we can bring you big wood for your travels tomorrow: SUBSCRIBE ABOVE TODAY

    Campfire's Tools For Nomads:
    • CREATE - post your own travel ideas and discussions in Destinations
    • CONNECT - to Nomads.
    • OFFER - post your own idea, camp or local offering in our open discussion board Nomad Offerings
    • JOIN a group Caravan at LOCAL PRICE TRAVEL
    • DESIGN - your own journey, we'll tailor it for your group or go solo with 10% LOCAL PRICE TRAVEL discounts.

      Travelling lights with Campfire:
      • Travel light on your pocket with Campfire Local Price Travel
      • Travel light in your bag with Campfire Guides on your phone.
      • Travel light on your feet with Campfire backing you up all the way home.


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Greetings traveller!

Welcome to Campfire.

We are nomads and guides with tales of adventures from here to Timbuktu.

We are caravans with camps and guiding stars lighting our way.

Gather close, warm yourself by the fire, have some tea, rest here the night, we are planning tomorrow's dreams! We have local secrets, keys and treasures to share and keep safe.

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