• Cat ImageDestinations
    These are the destinations Campfire covers.
  • Cat ImageIran
    Iran - perhaps the most intriguing country in the world. Get in before the crowds!
  • Cat ImageJordan
    Explore Petra and Wadi Rum in Lawrence's footsteps with Bedouin Nomads.
  • Cat ImageMorocco
    Morocco offers the orient and Africa a stone's throw from Europe.

    From Marrakesh across the High Atlas the Sahara, back over the Middle Atlas to Fez and the Mediterranean coast. Explore the orient meeting Africa with a family of nomads who have swapped their father's trade in camel caravans from M'Hamid to Timbuktu with 4x4's and travellers going from here to Timbuktu!
  • Cat ImageMauritania
    Best reason to go to Mauritania? No one knows where it is!

    Join our guide Cheick for a desert adventure from the dunes of the Atlantic on the longest train in the world to the heart of the Sahara.
  • Cat ImageMali
    Cross Mali on a traditional "pinasse" riverboat on the magical River Niger, stopping off to visit the Great Mosque of Djenne, trek through the villages of the animist Dogon Country, to return to the river for a sublime journey through the Inland River Niger Delta to arrive at the ultimate traveller's destination: Timbuktu!
  • Cat ImageSenegal
    Cruise the Senegal River, French West Africa's route from the Atlantic to the Sahara.

    Lie back, cushioned between Senegal and Mauritania, serenaded by music, migrating birds, and tales of past and present as you wine and dine, bathe and doze across the Sahel.
  • Cat ImageCameroon
    From the highlands of modern day Cameroon looking out to the northern plains, the first nomads ventured out of the forest.
    Esu is a fongom - an ancient kingdom - at the end of a road in the Bamenda highlands set along a river valley. Your guides Chu and Kum will take you back to their ancestral home for a journey to the beating heart of human culture - the African village.

    Or we can help you venture south to the forest on a gorilla safari at Dzanga Sangha.
  • Cat ImageCaravans
    In this category we discuss up-coming set group caravans.
  • Cat ImageOverland
    When you travel overland you see how connected the world really is, and you help the planet!
  • Cat ImageWildlife and Adventure
    Take a walk on the wild side...
  • Cat ImageFestivals and Culture
    Dance and sing at festivals in deserts with cultures in natural harmony.
  • Cat ImageDeserts and Rivers
    To a nomad a river flowing through a desert is quite simply paradise!

    Here we discuss paradise!
  • Cat ImageNomads' Offerings
    Here Subscribed Nomads can post their nomadic offering.

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