1. Membership, Profile and Accounts

  • Setting up your FREE Campfire Member's Account

    1) Create Account
    • Click on your invitation link in the invitation email or click on Create Account
    • Enter user name, email and a password.
    • Click Sign up
    • You are in Campfire which is highlighted out on the top menu bar. In the top left corner is your name and profile icon. Click here, or on YOU in the top menu bar, to go to your profile.
    • Click Edit Profile
    • You can now upload an image and update your bio.
    • Let nomads around the Campfire know a bit about yourself. If you have a Nomad Offering (see below) let us know.
    • Invite your friends and travelling companions to join at Invitations. For every annual Subscriber invited we pay €25 into your account which can be reclaimed against subscription fees and travel services on Campfire.
    • Set Preferences

    You are now a Nomad:
    - You can view all content in Destinations and Caravans categories but not Pay-As-You-Go Nomad.
    - You pay Campfire Local Price plus 25% commission to travel with Campfire, a 10% discount on our non-member prices.

    For connection to other member Nomads + LOCAL PRICE TRAVEL JOIN HERE NOW

    Your Profile

    In your profile you will see Account where money owed or paid to Campfire is recorded. Your account is only visible to you and Administrators.

    Nomad Offering
    Nomads offer their local expertise to each other to help each other out on the road. What is your interest? You may be a traveller - what are you looking for? Are you a guide, a camp, an operator? Do you have a project of nomadic interest? How can you help out a traveller who might be passing by your location?

    Campfire Local Price Guide
    Guide us to your price. Set your rates and terms. Include a 10% Campfire Booking Fee in your pricing so Campfire Subscribers know what they will pay when booking your services via Campfire.

    Help build up the Campfire SUBSCRIBE TODAY for Local Price Travel tomorrow.