4. Campfire Local Price & Booking

  • Campfire Local Price
    Caravans, Guides and Camps on Campfire are advertised with a Campfire Local Price which includes a 10% Campfire Booking Fee.

    Membership Level Commission Rates
    To book travel with the Campfire community, all Nomads pay 10% of the Campfire Local Price plus a commission based on their membership level.
    - Free View-Only Nomads: +25%
    - €35 Annual Nomads: +10% for year 1 of subscription, +5% for year 2 and 0% for year 3.
    - €100 Nomad Travellers: +0% for the duration of continued subscription.

    Booking your pre-paid 100% transferrable travel plans on Campfire:
    A booking is made when the following are received by From Here 2 Timbuktu Ltd:
    • Booking Form
    • the Booking Deposit = 10% of the Campfire Local Price + Membership Level Commission.

    Any Nomad making a booking becomes a Nomad Traveller and has access to Nomad Traveller categories.

    Balance Payments
    A booking is confirmed a month before travel when the balance payment is received by From Here 2 Timbuktu or the service provider and is recorded by Campfire Administrators in both the service provider's and traveller's membership profile accounts.
    Once a booking is confirmed all monies paid to From Here 2 Timbuktu become guaranteed and fully transferrable should cancellation be notified prior to two weeks before departure.

    Payments to or from From Here 2 Timbuktu have a 3% charge to cover administration and transfer costs to the other party.
    Balance payments made direct to service providers are made by arrangement with the member under their own terms and conditions with no charge but neither Campfire nor From Here 2 Timbuktu are in any way liable for payments not made through us.

    Pay-as-you-go Nomad on Campfire
    All Nomads can self-organise and pay-as-you-travel protected by the Campfire community by paying a fee of €100.
    You can connect to all Campfire Nomads, post in Pay-As-You-Go Nomad and travel with Campfire Administrators, Destination Moderators, Caravans, Camps and Guides backing you up all the way, sharing our connections and advice on the road. Nomads who organise pay-as-you-go travel may add their own fee for services provided, see Nomad profiles.

    All booked Nomads get access to Nomad Traveller category.

    Campfire Payments.