Roles on Campfire

  • Administrator
    Role: Administers Campfire
    Contact: Guy Lankester @Guy Lankester or Petra Belikova @Petra Belikova

    Destination Moderator
    The Destination Moderator manages their destination's service providers and moderates their destinations' discussions on Campfire. The Destination Moderator organises tailor made and do-it-yourself travel at their own fee
    €500 per year

    Morocco: @Bashir
    Cameroon @Guy Lankester
    Senegal and Gambia @Aisha Sarr
    Mali: @Abdoulaye LITNI cisse
    Jordan: @Petra Belikova
    Kenya and Tanzania: @Felix Lankester and @Guy Lankester
    Mauritania: @Guy Lankester
    Central African Republic: @Sangha Lodge

    A Caravan is a set group trip run by an operator.
    A Caravan operator is either our Guiding Star member or Caravan member.
    All Caravans are pre-paid and booked here:

    Caravan members can advertise in categories: Destinations, Caravans.
    Fee to join as a Caravan Operator: €200
    Fee per Caravan listed: €250

    A Guide is an individual who offers guiding services to their location.
    Guides can advertise in categories: Guides
    Fee to join: €100 per year.
    See here for how to price your services and commissions

    Cameroon @Ivo Luam, @Chu
    Mali @Ibrahim Sory Cissé
    Morocco @Arib Voyage
    Jordan (Petra) @Zeinab
    Wadi Rumm @Zidane

    Camps are places of accommodation that can organise travel in their location
    Camps can advertise in categories: Camps
    Fee to join: €100 per year.

    Mauritania (Nouakchott) @Auberge Awkar
    Mali (Bamako) @Matt

    Guides, Camps, Caravans, Guiding Stars and Destination Moderators

    Joining fees or annual subscription from Guides and Camps, Caravans and Guiding Stars Operators and Destination Moderators will be taken from first bookings.
    Service providers can also pay fees by introducing travellers to Campfire. We will add €25 to your account for each annual Subscriber we receive.

    To apply to Campfire for a service provider role please contact Guy: or Guido on Campfire

    See here for how to price your services and commissions